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Welcome to the GCAD Foundation

Our Mission Statement

THE GREAT CANADIAN AND AFRICAN DIASPORA FOUNDATION (GCADF)  is a registered non-profit, non political or governmental establishment founded:-

  1. To help retired people of African decent.
  2. To promote community advancement through the preservation of African rich cultural heritage.
  3. To help foster stronger bi-lateral relatioship between Canada and people of African decent. It shall also be operated exclusively for relief of poverty through humanitarian and charitable endeavors.

Our initial effort will be geared towards situating a modern COMMUNITY EVENT CENTER through our communal voluntary efforts supported by that of the government of Canada in Ontario.

The primary purpose or objective of the corporation is to provide support and financial assistance for housing, to minimize homelessness caused by addiction. We particularly focus on indigent retired persons of African decent who do not have or receive moral and financial assistance from family. We will assist such retirees and retired persons in planning their retirement objectives.

We achieve this by providing appropriate information, education and advisement; while taking into consideration their cultural, traditional, moral, and religious beliefs . We will also help clients meet basic needs, prepare wills and make informed decisions regarding choosing to retire at a retirement home in Canada or in their birth or ancestral homes in Africa.

GCAD Blog: Our Current Activities

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Borrowed Time 📌

Hello Friends,

I  am back again to remind us that we are all living on borrowed time in a temporary world where nothing is guaranteed. As a reminder, I say to you all "No one knows tomorrow nor who's turn it might be next". Other immigrants in diaspora have built their community in the mist of adversities, ours is no different. As the Oracle and custodian of Igbo culture in diaspora, I come to you when there is death in our community, not because I enjoy or celebrate death but to encourage us to rally around each other during such adversities and help built our community.

We all know that life begins after birth or conception, while death is a necessary end that must happen.  When death comes however, we become our brother's keepers. A little bit of condolence donation goes a long way towards helping the bereaved family cope with the unbearable pain and financial stress associated with it. It is on this note that I solicit your moral and financial support because no one is an island. Please donate if you can. 

Thank you .

The Great Canadian and African Diaspora Foundation (GCADF)  is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.

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