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Our Future

One of our primary objectives is to source funds towards situating an ultra mordern Multi Purpose Community Event Center to serve our greater community.

Proposed GCADF Community Event Centre


Above is the proposed center for GCAD FOUNDATION. It will be situated on a one and half acres land in the greater Toronto area with lots of parking spaces near Countryside North of Bovaird in Brampton, Ontario. 

This unique event center will two large party halls. Three other smaller halls including six multiple meeting rooms on the second floor for rental purposes.

The second floor will have six self- contained executive lodging suites for dignitaries visiting from Africa and around the globe.

The sides of this magnificent and beautiful structure houses series of convenient retail shops that will cater to our community's shopping needs and businesses. 

This edifice will host an Afrocentric school to teach and preserve our rich African Culture and Tradition. 

This building will serve as a cultural and spiritual edifice which houses multiple churches of at least two or more Christian denominations. 

There is a room for gymnasium for physical and mental exercises and workouts. 

There is lodging and meeting sections for dignitaries visiting from Africa and across the globe. 

There is daycare services, and day programs for our young people. 

There would be office spaces for rental purposes which  include meeting areas for community groups, and professional offices for mental health professionals catering for our peoples' mental and physical wellbeing.

The Great Canadian and African Diaspora Foundation (GCADF)  is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.

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