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The Golden Heart Program

Golden Heart Mission Statement

Golden Heart Program is an outreach community based fund raising endeavor geared towards helping families that lost loved ones cope with the financial stress that come as result of the death of a loved one or family member.

It is made up of people with the Heart of Gold in diaspora. Though not an association, funds are raised through the GCAD FOUNDATION. All donors are classified as persons with the Heart of Gold and therefore,  a GOLDEN HEART CANADA MEMBER.  There are no prerequisites  and we do not ask for anything in return.

100% of all funds donated under the Golden Heart campaign at any particular time, go directly to the bereaved family in their own designated bank account.

What is the Best Thing About Humans?

The above question has been lingering in my mind and I have never found a better answer untill now. " The best thing about being a human is that we help each other when we are not strong" Whaw!!!. No other reason comes even close particularly when we look at what the GOLDEN HEART CANADA FAMILY is doing in the lives of many bereaved members of our community in the recent past.

It is by God's grace  that we have been able  to support each other when down and not strong.

Please join us if you have not been participating because tomorrow could be your turn.

Do your best no matter how small.

Remember the widow's mite.
Happy Christmas, New Year
and Holiday Season.

What We Are Doing

Below is a list of some of the families helped by the Golden Heart Program which is run by the GCAD Foundation to help families who have lost a member.